HSVROC History

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HSVROC 2002 to 2010

High Sierra Vulcan Riders and Owners Club rally held at the Topaz Lodge and Casino, Topaz Lake, NV from 2002 until 2010.

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This is my historical remembrance of the Event which I honchoed from 2003 until its end. I would like to give a special Thank You to the Sublow family who made every one and ran the Raffle for the past 7 years or so. Slots from Reno also led his "Bar Hopping" Ride every year. And the Huntley's were a key part until they moved to Idaho. And I think Cat Siegelaar made every one of the years.

Although it was originally organized as a small localized VROC Rally, it had many long distance visitors. Some many times like Skid and Sandy Robinson from Sudbury, ON, Canada {4 times} and Six Pack Jack Ward from Savannah, GA {3 times}. Many Canadians attended as well as many from the Pacific Northwest and that big contingent from Arizona in the early years.

Here are a few select photos from HSVROC. Its web site now contains links to almost all of the Blogs and photo albums done during its history. HSVROC Web Site.

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The First High Sierra Rally (HSVROC) was held July 14 - 16, 2002.

It was the brain child of John "Hatrack" Hembree.

He had set up the Meadowcliff Resort about 11 miles south of Topaz Lake as the Kaw Pasture. Unfortunately it only had 20 rooms and closed up shop at sunset.

Most attendees who knew the area stayed at the Topaz Lodge and Casino, which became the de facto Kaw Pasture for 2002.

Friday night many gathered for the then wonderful Seafood Buffet at the Topaz Lodge.

Saturday was the Ride to Twin Lakes returning on the other side of the Walker River. Avoiding the thunderstorm until arriving at the Lodge.

Saturday evening was the Big Feed provided by the Huntley's Barb "Krazlady" and "Krazbob" of Carson City, NV.

Of course, being in Nevada, there is a 24 hour Casino at Topaz Lodge. And also there was a lot of "story telling" around the motel and adjoining RV park.

Sunday breakfast and farewells as people headed away in every direction.

Luckily most got out of the Lodge on Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon the forest fire had jumped Hwy 395 and the Lodge had to be evacuated.
Helicopters were in the air the entire weekend trying to get the fire under control

Hatrack was from the school of "if you build it, they will come". So it was a lot of impromptu mini events. Barb Huntley had packed enough food in her RV to feed the entire gang. But there were a few of us staying at the Meadowcliff in Coleville, CA. By the time we got word of the "Big Feed" it had ended.
Jest, Fogrider, Tiny and I were late to dinner

Jest, Marles, Sherm, Scorpion, Krazbob, Barb Foree, Jack Foree, Utemike, Roxy and Shoeless

Papa Cats VROC #6 and Warrior Woman

Fogrider, Tiny and Jest messing with their cameras at the Meadowcliff

Of course the smart ones were already staying at the Topaz Lodge

The Forees were a large part of the early success of HSVROC leading a large contingent from AZ

Bikerdad and family made the first few but then never could get back

The seafood buffet at Topaz Lodge was very good in 2002.
Hatrack, Angel, Fogrider, Warrior Woman, Papa Cats

Slots handing out his pocket flashlights. I still have a couple that work.


We had a lot of folks from SoCal, the Bay Area and Arizona in 2003.

We also had our first cross country riders when Bayman from Maryland came riding in with Six-Pack Jack from Savannah, GA.
Here Nite Lite is telling how he "lost" his wife, Linda at Barb Huntley's bar in Carson City

We also had two Kiwi's. Toa came in from the north and Jazz came in from the south.
The Preston's from Oregon, Toa and Jazz {and I think SAG's beard}

Tom Miller from KY rode in with Auggie from IA.
Jim Lohman from AZ cleaning his bike while Tom Miller supervises

Utemike arrives from Salt Lake City

I think Denise Miller flew part way but she was here, too

Our young ladies to keep the guys in line. :-)

Craig Scott battled fires all the way from Edmonton, Alberta


We had a turnout of 68 people and 55 bikes (if we count Mark Brown "Trout" who made a brief appearance). Scorpion~ from Olympia, WA and Ham and Rocket Girl (Marlena) Dutcher from Issaquah, WA were our northwestern most guests. Six Pack Jack Ward from Savannah, GA for the second year in a row was the farthest from the southeast. Skid and Sandy Robinson of Sudsbury, ON were our farthest northeastern VROCers. Bucky and her daughter also are here this year. Jimbeau from Escondido was our token southwestern person, but the Arizona contingent led by the Forees made up an impressive group of over 12. HSVROC founder John "Hatrack" Hembree also came up on Saturday.

The founder Hatrack returns this year for his one and only return trip to HSVROC.
Hatrack talking to Papa Cats

RG had sprained an ankle and was being carried from her bike by Ham and Scorpion

Part of the AZ contingent

Bucky, her daughter and Cat

It is very hot this year

That's Top Dawg and Tiny behind Bucky

CaddmanQ and his wife Judy from Clovis, CA

Skid and Sandy our even year attendees

Warrior woman and Papa Cats talking to Linda Sublow


The duty of writing the VROC Past Events report was handed to Sherm this year.
Here is a link to his Past Events Report.

Batman fits right in with his tee. He is here from Iowa.

Leading a Ride to who knows where

The ageless Krazbob

Look at that Raffle Prizes table

Cat, PoP-PoP, and Sherm

Las is helping with the food prep

Nite Lite's infamous skunk helmet with tail

Jest, Sue, Todd and PoP-PoP

Las and Nite Lite leaving the john together

July 20 - 23, 2006

This will be the first year that the Huntley's will not be providing Barb's wonderful food and Krazbob's wild game chili. They have moved from Carson City, NV to Mountain Home, ID.
After this torrential down pour the parking lot was dry within an hour and a half

What a motley crew

Kimmie and Terry lead a Ride to Yosemite National Park

No comment

The Robinson's, Gypsy Cat and the Grumpa's

Me having breakfast with the Foree's

I see Mike "gone mad" back there

The Oregon boys stopped by this year

June 21 - 24, 2007

We moved HSVROC from July when it got really hot last year to June. It is also the first HSVROC that Sherm missed. He would also miss the 2009 one.
Flying Willy eating a pickled egg in Wabuska along Slots' annual Ride

Mario and Linda DAmico had taken over Space 24 and the food providing last year and will do it for a second year. They did a terrific job following in the footsteps of the Huntleys. This year Topaz Lodge is without Kitchen facilities. An attic fire caused the Lodge to remodel the entire Casino and restaurant area.
Mike "gone mad" taking the DAmico's photo

Las also rode her little Suzuki 800 the 22 miles to Gardnerville to bring 5 large Round Table pizzas back to the mob. She somehow convinced the pizza place to loan her the warming cover.
The pizza table

Roy C, Builder Bob and I eating some pizza

The Lodge agreed to set up a Friday evening steak dinner at the Convention Center at the top of the hill. The cost was $10 for a pretty decent meal.
Eric and Paula D, the Grumpa's and Slots

This was the Calgary table as Mike and Lise were joined by fellow Calgarian's Jimbo, Ron and Judy

Giving the VROC victory sign, I think

Then Las led her Cathouse Ride.
I think they "lost" a rider at this stop

Jimbo wins an umbrella which he carried on his bike all the way back to Calgary

June 19 - 22, 2008

This was the only year where we did not provide food at the RV Park. Jazzhound did grill up some sausages during the Saturday night Raffle, though.
Sherm, Carl, David J and Ed

A visit to Virginia City is always on the schedule during HSVROC.
Sitting on the railing

Slammer wins a raffle prize

The "Duke" Earl Robinson rode from Oxnard to HSVROC with a once flat tire. Well, it cost Mike "gone mad" a ride on the "Giggle Road". It was a good thing that Mike stayed with Duke since neither Duke nor the tow driver knew how to tie down a bike.

Waiting to order in the Lakeview Restaurant the 24 hour coffee shop

I had to throw in this picture taken by KC as he rode along side.

Waiting for Jazzhounds brats

Hanging out at the General Store


June 4 - 7, 2009

The dates were moved up as people wanted to go to the WWR in Richmond, KY.
Why are we hanging out on the porch?

A group photo

Epibunny rolls on in

Jest rode through rain, sleet and some snow on his 900 to get here

There was a motorcycle show in the parking lot of the Nugget in Sparks. So a few hardy souls rode into the rain to Sparks. There was no rain to the south of Topaz Lake just to the north.
Not sure who took this photo I think the young ladies were modeling riding chaps

I had my rain gear for my trip to Richmond {read as Toyota} so I drove the Grumpa's down to Walker and the Walker Burger for lunch.

Slots favorite bar tender since he mixes a mean Bloody Mary

The bar at Genoa. I need to thank Slots for leading his Friday Ride for all those many years. I think that I nicknamed his Ride the "Bar Hopping Ride".


June 17 - 20, 2010 - The Last HSVROC

I really need to thank a lot of people, but the Huntley's in the early years for doing so much and setting up in Space 24. The DAmico's for their two year stint in Space 24. Las for the Pizza Run and this year's hot dogs and stuff. Slots. All of the Sublows for running countless Raffles. The Foree's for leading the AZ contingent to the early HSVROCs. Sherm and Cranky for doing the Event Reports. And to all those that attended. And a special thanks to Skid and Sandy who were here four times. Six-Pack Jack who was here three times in the 8 years that I honchoed. All the Canadians and those from the PNW. Heck we had four bikes with Canadian plates and only five bikes with California plates here this year.

Thursday afternoon briefing

Skid leads the Friday Ride

Cranky, Six-Pack and Skid

Snakebite and siona from Maple Ridge, BC {Bill and Susan}

Glad that Bob and Barb made it to the last one since they were such a huge part of the early HSVROCs

More raffle winners

Penmaker and Rainman

Trouble an appropriate nic

Nite Lite handing me my gift. Appropriate since Howard, Tiny and Hatrack were the first VROCers that I met at a coffee house in Elk Grove, CA some 10 years ago.